Paper Submission – Review – Publication

To ensure an easy submission, a speedy and ultimately successful review and publication of your HIKM Conference submission, please follow these Guidelines.


We invite you to submit your research work as a:
Full Paper (5-10 pages) + 25m talk/presentation
Short Paper (2-4 pages) + 15m talk/presentation
Poster (1 page) + 5m talk/presentation

Submissions must be original contributions that have not been published previously. All submissions must be in the English language and in the PDF format – other formats cannot be accepted.

It is very important that you submit your paper in the correct format. Not only does this help the expert reviewers of your paper, it is also essential for the publication of your paper by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

ACM has provided detailed instructions to help you format your submission correctly. There is also an ACM video explaining how to format your submission:

ACM suggests using MS Word or LaTex to prepare your paper before converting it to a PDF. Because most people will be using MS Word, ACM has provided a video how to do this:

ACM also provides guidance on how to include citations and references in your paper.

After you have thoroughly checked that your paper is ready for submission, go to fill in the details of your paper as well as the author(s) and submit. The corresponding author will receive an acknowledgement email.
If you don’t get the acknowledgement or have any other question, please contact


All papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two expert reviewers for originality, significance, and relevance to the HIKM Conference. Posters will be reviewed for relevance.

Authors will be notified of the outc.

Your paper may be conditionally accepted, e.g. you are asked to fix some issues identified by the expert reviewers. You may also be asked to re-submit your paper in a different category (Short Paper or Poster). Please ensure that you address the identified issues before you re-submit your paper by the requested date, otherwise your paper may be excluded from the HIKM presentations and publication by ACM.


The last step before presentation and publication is the finalisation of your paper in ‘camera ready’ format. (The term ‘camera ready’ comes from the time when cameras was used to photograph the final manuscript to create the offset printing plates.)

HIKM uses The ACM Production System (TAPS) to prepare accepted papers for publication

To ensure that ACM will be able to publish your paper in the ACM Digital Library, you will need to upload your paper directly to The ACM Production System (TAPS) – after you have filled-in the ACM copyright form.

To get your accepted paper to a ‘camera ready’ format, use the instructions and videos in the ‘Submission’ section above.

Make sure that the citations and references in your paper are in the correct format.

Submit your finalised ‘camera ready’ paper according to the instructions and by the date provided to you.

Make sure your Corresponding Author is the best person to receive and respond quickly to the requests they receive from ACM’s TAPS!

ACM Publication Steps

So these are the steps required to get you accepted paper published by ACM:

  1. Your paper is formally accepted by the HIKM Conference Chairs.
  2. The HIKM Conference Chairs advise ACM that your paper was accepted
  3. ACM TAPS sends your Corresponding Author the Copyright Form
  4. Your Corresponding Author completes the ACM Copyright Form
    (The HIKM/ACWS 2023 ISBN is 979-8-4007-0005-7)
  5. Your Corresponding Author will start receiving their processing instructions about 6-12 hours after completing the Copyright Form
  6. Your Corresponding Author ensures that your paper is properly processed, reviewed and approved in TAPS at least 3 weeks prior to the HIKM Conference.
  7. The HIKM Conference Chairs get reports on the progress of the uploading of all papers to ACM’s TAPS, but are not responsible for the editing, uploading and approval of your paper.
  8. Your Corresponding Author will get a reminder if they are procrastinating and delaying the publication of the HIKM proceedings.
  9. If your Corresponding Author ignores the reminders and fails to approve your paper in TAPS 3 weeks prior to the Conference, the HIKM Conference Chairs may have to decide to not publish your paper in the proceedings!

If you have any questions, please email

Questions & Answers

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may help you to get your paper in the right format for speedy review and – if accepted – publication by ACM.

Q: Why does my paper need to be in a special format?
A: The ACM formatting process ensures that all papers submitted are in a standard and complete format for review and – if accepted – publication by ACM.

Q: What happens if I submit a paper in the wrong format?
A: You will be asked to re-submit in the correct format or your paper may be rejected.

Q: I am having difficulties formatting my paper – where can I get help?
A: Check the instructions and videos in the ‘Submission’ section above. If you still have problems, please contact for help.

Q: My paper has been accepted, I have filled-in the Copyright Form but I am having repeated problems with uploading to TAPS – what should I do?
A: Re-check the TAPS instructions in the ‘Publication’ section above. If you are not able to solve the problem, contact for help.

Q: I have had unexpected circumstances and am worried that I cannot submit by the required date – what should I do?
A: Please contact to ask if an extension is possible.

Q: I have a question that is not answered on this page – what can I do?
A: Contact

About HIKM

Held annually since 2007, HIKM is the leading high-impact conference held annually for Health Information Science researchers across Asia-Pacific and beyond. Accepted papers are published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

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